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Warranty is provided for all goods, manufactured under the trademark Vestaa�?, depending of the kind of production.

- Energy saving luminescent lamps – 1 year
- Convenience receptacles and switches a�� 100 pushes (5 000 cycles)
- Ceiling fixtures of type “Armstrong” a�� 10 years

Warranty covers replacement or restoration of equipment at observance of all conditions of transportation, storage, installation and operation of products.

Cases, when the warranty is invalid:

  • products were used other than as intended;
  • operating conditions were not observed;
  • the product has mechanical defects or damages, occurred at wrong connection of devices;
  • the product has marking of assemblage-dismantling by the buyer or other person;
  • the product is damaged by penetration of foreign matters, insects, liquids and other.

All claims on the purchased goods to be sent to e-mail: info@vestaelectric.uz