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Vesta (lat. Vesta) – goddess, patroness of the home and fire of sacrifice in Ancient Rome.


Vestaa�? for the first time has appeared in the market in 2013, as a brand, personifying economy, availability, quality and ecological compatibility. The trademark is promptly developed at the expense of expansion the distribution network and the range of goods. The distribution system Vestaa�? ensures the maximum availability of production to consumers in all areas of our republic.

Saying Vestaa�? – we mean wide range of high quality light sources and electric products at optimum cost. Manufacture of following production is carried out under the trademark Vesta a�?:

- Energy saving luminescent lamps
- Convenience receptacles and switches
- Ceiling fixtures of type “Armstrong”

Production Vesta a�? meets all current standards of quality, reliability, safety and energy saving, has occupied rightful place among the leaders of the lighting equipment market, and has gained trust of considerable number of clients.