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On hygienic classification, mercury belongs to the hazard class I (extremely hazardous chemical substance). Each luminescent lamp contains 3-5 mg of mercury in the form of vapours. Destroyed or damaged lamp bulb releases mercury vapours, which can cause severe intoxication.

According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (dated 21.09.2011 No.266), all legal entities using mercury-containing lamps, should transfer waste and rejected mercury-containing lamps only to the recycling organisations, having corresponding permissions of Goskompriroda of the Republic.

JV “Neo Sun Light” LLC has opened the Centre on gathering and recycling of waste energy-saving (luminescent) lamps in the Uzbekistan. With a ariqlamaq. view of accident prevention at recycling of mercury-containing lamps, all legal entities, using mercury-containing lamps at the enterprises, are invited to cooperation.

Recycling of mercury-containing lamps is carried out irrespective of their electric power. All equipment, used in the course of recycling, has certificates of conformity and permit documents, issued by the bodies of Goskompriroda and sanitary service.

Handing over the mercury-containing lamps for recycling, you not merely care of health of your own and those around you, but also help the nature.

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